Fri-yay #2

You all thought I gave up, didn’t you? And by you all I mean maybe the 5-6 people that are reading the blog at this point. I know how badly I’ve always wanted to have my own blog and see it be successful and not posting for almost a month doesn’t reflect that. Granted, I’ve been a bit side tracked and my mind is still side tracked but I’m working on figuring it all out. A wise Uber driver once said, “Either you want it or you don’t want it.” I want it! Which means getting back to what I love, writing and starting the blog I always dreamed of. Now lets get to the fun stuff.. The highlights of the week!

Walking to Work

You might think as close as I live to my job I would have walked before. I’m probably a little over two miles away. I’ve lived there almost 7 months and not once have I chose not to drive. For shame. However, this week they are doing construction in my work parking garage and it closes one exit. Rather than deal with a ridiculous line of traffic at 5:00 p.m. I figured I would sneak in some extra exercise and walk. It’s been really nice out. I throw on my headphones, put on my tennis shoes (I almost said sneakers and thought it was lame and outdated) and roll..


After they were recommended to me I have been looking forward to listening to podcasts. I realized there has been an app on my phone the entire time specifically for Podcasts and as long as I’m on wi-fi when I download them, I am golden. They have occupied me on my walks to and from work. I am open to any suggestions! Right now I am caught up in Joel Osteen. It gives me something to chew on for the day.


My Curling Wand

In the past I rarely ever curled my hair. I had little to no luck with hot rollers, curling irons and straighteners. I’ve watched a number of YouTube demonstrations on the proper technique to no avail. However, my sweet grandmom got me a curling wand for my birthday and it has worked wonders! It’s so simple and I love having another option for my normally straight hair. Below is the specific one that I have. It comes with a glove to protect your hand from getting burned when you get close to the heat.


How to Get Away with Murder

I watched this show all last season and I actually feel like this season is more engaging so far. It’s definitely become a bit edgier, but I like that element. I was looking forward to last nights new episode but I was exhausted and fell asleep. I will catch up On Demand tonight. Since it’s only in the second season it’s a great fall show to check out!


Fall Baking

I enjoy baking but there is something about the cooler weather that makes me want to do it more. I made banana bread this week and brought it to work. It received better reviews than the cookie bars I made over the weekend. I wish I was creative enough to come up with my own recipes but I normally use one I find from a blog or Pinterest. In any case, I’m looking forward to making a lot more delicious things!

I’ve got many more ideas flowing and things to say but I will save those for my continued posts. Leave me something fun if you’re reading!

Have a great weekend!


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