It’s a new year and I’ve successfully (or rather unsuccessfully) posted on this blog “I’ve been wanting to start for years” three times. Happy 2016!

My first post this year. The topic? Nothing in particular. I was just sitting and looking through old pictures and I realize how grateful I am for the wonderful life that I live. Have crappy things happened? Sure. Do I have more credit card debt than I ideally want? Yup! But I’m living. I have so many fun times with friends, I travel, and I feel like I am making the most out of what I have. I didn’t necessarily have a picture for what life would look like at 28, but what I’ve learned if anything is that things always have the ability to change when you least expect them to.


I’ve been binge watching The Hills again lately. There’s something about watching this show for the 46783673967th time that brings me a sense of comfort. I realize everyone in the show (especially my girl Lauren Conrad) has moved on in life and done so much since but no matter how many times I’ve watched it doesn’t get old to me.

028(From Lauren Conrad’s book tour for L.A Candy in New York)

I’m looking forward to this year. I’m going to be moving around the end of March. I’ve been spending my weekends looking at potential apartments. At this point I’ve got a front runner but none of them have made me feel like I’m ready to pack my bags and go now. We shall see what the outcome is! Either way I will go back to life without a roommate. I had my own place for two years before I decided to have a roommate to be able to afford living downtown and I’m ready to go back to just me. It’s been a lot of fun living downtown and I’m thankful I had the opportunity to do so. I will still work downtown so I’ll be around even if I’m not living here.

I need to get off my behind and go for a run. It’s a beautiful rather warm day for January and there’s no sense in wasting that. I worked out four times this past week which is good for me. I join these Tone It Up challenges and get hung up when I get off course because social media is full of people with six packs who get it right. Normally that’s when I quit but this time? I used it as an outline to make healthier choices. That’s all it is. I’m done trying to fit into someone elses regimen. I know what works best for me and that’s enough.

So here’s to 2016. Here’s to things not happening exactly as we’ve planned. Here’s to another year of happiness, fun and figuring out what I want out of life. Here’s to posting on my blog more and sharing it like I’ve always planned!


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