Rainy days

As I’m laying on my couch eating a heaping portion of macaroni and cheese I have my balcony door open with a nice breeze, candle burning and the Orioles are on and winning. It really is the small things in life..

Its been so rainy all day today. I love it. There’s few things like a rainy day for the soul. It doesn’t matter the temperature it’s just that feeling that comes along with a rainy day. It’s been sort of rainy all week and Monday started out overcast. I’ve come to love an overcast Monday. It’s easy to make a comment that it makes Monday even crappier but it’s energizing. The rain can be energizing. Even in years past I can think about how crappy I’d think it was that it rained on my birthday but this year I loved it.

My birthday kicked off with cake and balloons from my team at work. I had lunch with some coworkers I don’t get to see as much anymore and we spent the entire lunch laughing and Snapchatting. I came back to work and a beautiful flower delivery for me:


After work I spent the evening inside with three of my favorite girls. We drank wine, ate sushi and again just laughed. There may or may not have been a Kelly Clarkson power ballad. I feel so grateful to have got to enjoy my birthday like I did. I’m a lucky girl.

Tonight I’m plopped on the couch enjoying the smell of my pumpkin candle and the breeze from outside. I love how cool it is outside. Hello Fall..

Tomorrow is Friday so I’ll be working on planning my Fri-Yay post. It would not be my blog without one!

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