First Post in the New State

A lot has happened since I stated I was committing to actually posting on my blog and failed once again. I considered letting the whole idea go out the window but recently I started catching up on a few of my favorite bloggers and decided I am not ready to let the idea go. My new plan? Post, but keep it on the low until I think I’m in the swing of things and then make it known. I started this for myself and I will have to be the one to figure out how to make it work for me. The last time I posted I was 29 and living in Baltimore. And now?

-Still 29 but rapidly approaching 30.

-Living in Boston, MA after being a Maryland resident all my life.

-Working at my third job this year. I came to MA with a job but quickly realized it was not the right one for me and it’s worked out that I ended up finding the right one for me very quickly. I left a company I had been with for a long time to move here (they don’t have locations here).

I’ll dive into all of that in future posts. With big change comes a lot of ideas to discuss! For now I am going to start with today.

I went out before lunch to visit a location for an event my company is hosting next week. Afterwards, I had a very handsome lunch date and we settled on some delicious pizza from a place neither of us had been yet.

 Ernesto's Box

Ernesto’s had gigantic slices of all different kinds of pizza to choose from. It was simple, affordable and delicious. I went with the veggie kind. It was a easy way to add some veggies into my meal even though they were on top of pizza.


There were two slices to give you an idea of how much pizza you get. They say that a “slice” is 1/4 a pizza. Needless to say I’ve got both lunch and dinner.

It’s SUCH a nice day out today. The past 2-3 days have been cold and rainy. Warmer temperatures and sunshine led us walking along Assembly Row to Mike’s Pastry. Mike’s Pastry is a popular desert spot up here. The location in Little Italy is always packed with people any time I’ve been and it only takes cash. Luckily the new location in Assembly Row takes cards but does not skimp on flavor. We shared an Oreo cannoli (heavenly) and part of a butter cookie.


With a full stomach and dwindling time clock I headed back to work. Skipping the gym tonight won’t be an option after quite the indulgent lunch.

Happy Friday Eve!

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