Fri-yay #3

Happy Friday! This week has gone by rather quickly. Last week was a four day week so I can’t say I expected this week to feel like it was going to be moving along, but it has. I’m looking forward to sunshine out by the pool this upcoming weekend. Last week I managed to drop an entire jar of pickles on my foot. The pain was immediately intense. I worried I had broken my toe, I would lose my toe nail, the pain would remain for days, etc, etc. The thought was bringing me down. I consider myself an optimistic person but I wondered why I had gone in this grocery store (different from our normal), why I didn’t pay attention and overall why it happened to me. Clearly, I was having a pity party and forgetting the fact that I’m normally clumsy anyways. The week before I rolled off the bed and onto my glasses and bent them. But I digress, in my pain filled moments I then came upon this article:

“What I learned from a pickle jar falling on my big toe..”

It made me smile and quickly brought me back to the universe where I understand things aren’t as bad as they seem. Needless to say, almost a week since the incident my toe has a decent bruise but it appears not broken and I have not lost a toe nail. I’d include a picture but trust me when I say sparing you is better. On to the highlights of this week before heading in to our weekend!

What She Knew by Gilly Macmillan


The book hooks you immediately. It has many twists and you aren’t sure who to trust. The chapters aren’t terribly long so you want to keep reading. I just finished it on my lunch break and I would absolutely recommend it. Here’s a description:

On the day that Rachel Jenner’s 8-year-old son Ben goes missing, the bottom falls out of her world. Desperate to find her boy, she’s completely unprepared for how quickly her personal hell is thrust into the media spotlight. She let Ben out of her sight, and now he’s gone – so of course the nation thinks she is to blame. But what really happened that afternoon? Caught between the tragedy of losing her son, a frenetic police investigation and a public who have turned against her, she must now face the awful truth: that everything she knew about herself and the people around her is a lie. And there is nobody left, not even her family, whom she can trust.”

The Green Monster

The building I work in has a lot of great amenities and people kept raving about the green smoothie. My lunch was light today and I decided to try one as an additional way to sneak in veggies (it has kale in it, red grapes, yogurt, honey..and the rest my memory is failing me on). It’s delicious and I am confident this won’t be the last time I’ll enjoy one. It’s so nice to have it in the same building.



How simple right? Monday and Tuesday of this week were both cold and rainy. I am excited for the beautiful days we have and will have over the weekend. The pool opened Memorial day weekend but it was just too chilly. We managed one day last weekend but that was dicey too. I kept comparing temperatures to Baltimore to see if I were still there if I could be in the pool. I finally deleted them off my weather app because it looked like I could have been in the pool all last weekend there. Mind you temperatures up here aren’t THAT much different but they, it’s New England and cheers to starting summer!


I feel like this is starting to get a bit longer than I planned. Have a fabulous weekend! Cheers!

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