How is it Monday already?

That is the question. This weekend FLEW by. It was a great one but man it’s hard to believe I’m typing up Monday’s post. It feels like I just finished and published Friday’s. Here’s a recap of my weekend:

Friday Night

My work has a beer cart on Friday afternoon so my weekend started a bit earlier with a few beverages and some fun conversation with coworkers. I came home to a delicious pasta dinner and bottle of wine waiting for me.


I’m turning 30 in September and want to plan a fun vacation around that event. We decided to each plan three vacation ideas and Friday night was presentation time. I think we have finally decided on what to do. Now just have to book it!


Saturday began with delicious pancakes!


I’m not sure if you have had Kodiak Cakes but I am a big fan. The pool opened at 10 but after eating breakfast we decided to head to the grocery store to get it out of the way. Sunday’s at the grocery store are always too packed. I actually feel like I can breathe if I go on Saturday. After that we packed up a cooler and headed out to the pool.


The rest of the day after the pool was spent lounging around. We started watching The Bucket List and eventually went to bed planning a full day at the pool on Sunday.


Breakfast Sunday consisted of two over easy eggs and potatoes (no picture). It was delicious. I threw in one load of laundry and we headed out to get a seat at the pool. It was going to be in the 90’s and I knew it would be crowded.


The apartment has two pools and I am confident on the tour of the place we were told  we could use both but Saturday we attempted to go to the new pool and were shot down. We are allowed to use the gym in the new building, the lounge in the new building and have a key to the new building but not the pool? One building (the new one) can use the new pool (which mind you is the larger of the two). The other pool (our pool) has four or five buildings that would also be using it. The logic feels skewed. In a small fit of rage I almost took to Yelp on Saturday but I’ll wait. Overall it’s a great place, that minor detail is frustrating. But I digress, we spent the whole day by the pool just lounging enjoying delicious beverages. After the pool we ordered some Chinese/sushi and started watching Season 6 of Entourage.


I have all the seasons on DVD but not this one and we had been binge watching them recently. It was cheaper to order HBO for a month than buy one season of the show so I expect a lot of binge watching HBO shows in our future. We ran out for some ice cream, came back, watched more Entourage and eventually called it a night.

I didn’t get to the gym over the weekend but I plan to make that a priority today, Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday I have an event for work and Friday my friend is coming to town to stay with us. She’s getting ready to hike the Appalachian Trail and we are the last stop before she starts. I’m so excited to see her, I haven’t seen her since February!

Hope you have a great Monday!

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