Fri-yay #4

It’s here! Cheers to the unofficial start to the weekend. Last night my company really kicked it off with a work event and I think it’s safe to say a fair amount of us are incredibly thankful it’s Friday (and definitely hurting a bit!)


I lucked out working with a bunch of awesome people who are a lot of fun and also very funny! They’re a good group!

Here’s my Friday favorites for this week. I hope whatever you have planned you enjoy your weekend as well!

Macaroni and Cheese Cheese Curls


My coworker introduced these delicious things to me. I love macaroni and cheese and cheese curls and whoever thought it was a good idea to combine them, I love them too. They’re also made from Beans so you don’t feel incredibly guilty for having a snack. Just something light with a great flavor.

Tall Ships in Boston

German tall ship Alexander Von Humboldt II, left, follows Russian tall ship Krusenstern, right, during a tall ships regatta off the coast of Toulon, southern France, in 2013. (Claude Paris/AP)

The Tall Ships are in Boston this weekend. Traffic is already nuts. I should be clear, extra nuts. I heard on the radio they are expecting 2 million people downtown over the weekend. To be honest I am not exactly excited to be packed in with 2 million people BUT my friend is coming to visit and we planned to explore anyhow so the timing of the ships works great!

Britney’s Old Albums

Image result for britney spears albums

For whatever reason when I was cleaning the other night I decided to pull up Britney Spears old albums on YouTube and now I can’t stop. I’ve been belting out Britney when I’m driving, really any chance I get. Does this happen to you? Sometimes the mood for a certain something strikes and you just run with it until it wears out. Her Britney album has really been hitting the spot!

Married at First Sight

Image result for married at first sight

My affinity for trash TV knows no bounds. I have on and off watched Married at First sight but I think I’m more invested in the couples this season and I’ve now watched most of the episodes I missed. It’s not riveting but mindless television is just what the soul needs sometimes. The concept is explained in the title. Two strangers are matched up and then married and have eight weeks to determine if they’re going to stay together. They have a wedding, honeymoon, move in together, the whole nine. It’s interesting to see the dynamic between the couples and what works and what doesn’t.

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