Happy Tuesday! People always have something to say about Monday’s but to me Tuesday’s are actually much more rough. I think Monday’s tend to move quickly and then Tuesday, reality sets in. It could also be due to the fact that every Tuesday I sit in a three hour meeting for work? Hard to say. But let’s reverse to yesterday?

Yesterday I left work right on time to make it home, change and stuff a few bites of delicious pasta dinner in my face to head out to Worcester, MA to see Journey.


This is the third time I’ve had the chance to see Journey with Arnel as their lead singer. His energy  is incredible. I don’t have to say how amazing his voice is because he’s the lead singer of my favorite band. Everybody got their time to shine with their instrument and an amazing solo. The section we were sitting in, everyone stayed seated. I am a big proponent of standing at concerts so this felt outside the norm but overall it was a great show. I recorded as much as I could. Asia went on right before Journey and there was only one Asia song that I really knew (Heat of  the Moment). As we were standing in line for beers we were able to hear them sing it and that was pretty cool.

We parked in a garage near by and walked back after the show. We are in line to give our ticket and leave when I get cut off by Jeep Cherokee with a number of dents. The car actually came from the opposite side of where it should have to be in line to exit. I’m already on a high because I scored a bootleg t-shirt for $10. Sidenote: I’m always a fan of bootleg T’s. Say what you will that it’s not right but neither is charging $40 for the same t-shirt. The bootleg guy was asking $20 and I managed to get that bad boy for $10. But back to the Cherokee. So as this car cuts me off they are clearly arguing with the parking attendant and they obviously had no intentions of paying. After causing a scene I have to move my car so they can back out. I move my car and I’m looking at the passengers in said vehicle and the woman proceeds to ask me what I’m looking at? She asked me in a manner that also including insulting me with poor language and in a fit of rage she got out of her car to fight me. (Boy did that escalate quickly). I rolled up my window and luckily it was my turn to get the heck out there. I’m completely unsure what that was about but I had no intentions of fighting post concert (or, well, ever.) We made it back home around midnight.


(The selfie was a necessity in my new t-shirt).

We woke up early this morning to take my friend Malina to the bus stop. I should be more clear that Steve sweetly offered to take her so I wouldn’t get back late and end up being late to get to work. She’s on the bus headed to Maine where she will officially start her hike tomorrow. I’ve never known anyone quite as special as she is. I can’t say enough of how thankful I am to have the chance to see her before she starts her JOURNEY (how fitting, right?). She lives in Wisconsin and I’m in Boston after we were both in Maryland together having countless wine nights. We weren’t sure when we would get to see each other again so this weekend meant so much more.

Tonight I don’t have much planned. I’m exhausted and looking forward to just relaxing and catching up on some DVR including but not limited to The Bachelorette!

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