Pickle Fair & Pool

Happy Monday readers! I hope that your start to the week has been a great one thus far. Once again the weekend flew by and before you know it we are back to the weekday grind. It’s an absolutely beautiful day here in Boston. It’s not humid, there’s a nice breeze, it’s truly the perfect day to be outside. But I’m not outside. I’m inside and I’m coming at you with a recap of my fun weekend:


I came home Friday after work to a delicious dinner made for me. Cheeseburgers were on the menu and homemade french fries. We enjoyed those with a beer and then shared an incredibly tasty Muscadet wine. I can’t remember the brand but I was a big fan of the flavor. If we are being honest we also split a bottle of Apothic Red Blend (a go to favorite). It was the white that stole the show in this case though. We caught up on some DVRed shows before calling it a night.



Saturday we woke up to a lot of rain. It was pouring which was kind of deterring since we had plans to go to the Boston Pickle Fair. The event ran from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. We had breakfast (undocumented eggs, turkey bacon and potatoes) and got ready. We decided to drive and find parking there versus taking the train. We arrived around noon and it was pretty packed already! To say I was excited would be an understatement. We had an absolute blast and I’m confident I ate more pickles than I ever have before.

They had a beer section too. I’m not sure if you’ve had a Sam Adam Porch Rocker but I am a big fan! We started with a couple drinks and then headed to find as many pickle samples as we could.


We sampled kimchi, bought a pickle ornament, had more pickle and kimchi samples and then bought pickles on a stick!


We had a blast sharing pickles and brewskis. You’d be surprised all that you can find at a pickle fair. One of our friends from up here is also from Maryland and we agreed that pickle shots should have been in the mix.


We wrapped up the pickle fun and headed to Harpoon brewery right near by. We shared some flights and delicious pretzels.


After Harpoon we went to Harvard Square. I’d never been before. We had some drinks at a hotel, stopped in a bar called Charlies and eventually made our way for yummy Mexican food from Felipe’s. After that we called it a night and headed home after a long day.


The weather on Sunday was beautiful. I made scrambled eggs and turkey bacon from breakfast. While I did that I made some sandwiches for the pool and threw dinner in the crock pot. I used this recipe I’ve had saved on my Pinterest for awhile. It’s delicious and very simple. You also can’t beat making something in the crockpot. It’s easy clean up!


Afterwards we headed to the pool to make the most of the sunshine. It was a great day for the pool. In the 80’s and sunshine with very few clouds. Once it did get cloudy around 4:30 we headed in and relaxed for the rest of the evening.

Now here are are again. I hope you have a great week!

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