Boston & Baltimore

Happy Tuesday! Another beautiful day here in Boston. I came home last night from work with a cheeseburger waiting for me. It’s important to make sure to use up the ground beef before it goes bad, you know what I’m sayin? We had salads instead of home made fries. After dinner I did a few things around the apartment before hitting the gym. My stomach was hating me (and no, I don’t think because of the burger) so I just stuck to cardio. 20 minutes on the elliptical and 40 minutes on the bike. It gave me a good chance to catch up on my YouTube videos. I’m so behind! Afterwards I came home, showered and watched/fell asleep during an episode of The Wire before heading to bed.

I’m from Baltimore (at least Maryland anyway) originally. Now that I’ve been here in Boston a few months I thought it might be fun to compare a few things I’ve noticed between the two cities.

Driving, Rotaries and Transportation Options

The driving here in Boston is like nothing I’ve ever seen. People just go whether they are in cars or walking. If you aren’t paying attention it could be bad news. I noticed a lot of body shops in the area when I first moved up and now I know why. Goodness, it’s aggressive on a whole other level. However, on the flip side the drivers are very kind and will just stop to allow someone to go. What I’ve noticed is that people tend to create their own rules versus following the rules of the road. I found this article and this one talking about the driving here. Take a look at #11 in the first one. If you don’t make eye contact they don’t exist, it’s not an exaggeration!

And then there’s the rotaries. Essentially big ol’ traffic circles with no rules. The first time I had to go to the DMV up here I drove around one at least 10 times. It was the most confusing. Now I am little better since my work involves me driving through two of them but they’re still not my favorite.

HOWEVER, the transportation options in Boston are much better. They have a subway system called the T that’s simple and really convenient. I’ve never been on Baltimore’s subway and I never want to be. Uber does Uber pool up here too which means a longer ride since you have to drop others off but saves you a lot of money and you just have to share the car.


It’s encouraged not to drive if you don’t have to in Boston. Not quite like New York City but the rate at which the city is growing traffic will likely only get worse.

Dunkin’ Donuts

Both Boston and Baltimore have Dunkin Donuts. Boston has a ton more Dunkin Donuts. There seems to be one on the left and the right side of the road at all times. That makes sense since they are headquartered up here. The difference is the way New Englander’s use their cups. I first noticed people ordering iced coffee and putting a hot coffee cup on the outside here and there. Then when I went to Dunkin Donuts there might be a sign saying the cup was an extra charge. Once I went back to office life I noticed a lot of my coworkers doing it and decided to google if I was crazy or this was actually a thing.


It’s a thing. It keeps the cup insulated if it’s hot out of your hand from freezing if it’s cold out. I found this article addressing the issue. I haven’t tried it yet but I remember a time where I ordered iced coffee and felt like they automatically gave me the cup.

The Words

I’m not sure if you’ve ever heard the term “wicked pissah” but I have. I’ve heard it used in context of the office. From my understanding it’s indicating that something is awesome. Pissah is the awesome part. Of course wicked is par for the course up North as well. It’s funny how we can all be the United States but depending on where you are things can be so different from accents to words to habits. I’ve had two jobs since moving here in March (I know, be boppin’) and at both the people I work with have seemed lax about using for example the F word in a professional setting. That doesn’t phase me but I imagine the same language being used in jobs I’ve worked before and I just can’t see it. The first job I had, on my first day when one of the girls was corrected about something she did wrong she said “Oh my God, I’m a f**king idiot.” This was to her boss, over the phone. He laughed! It was a new world for me.


(PS – I totally plan on purchasing a Wicked Pissah shirt but only if and when life takes me away from MA will I wear it)

I’m sure every city we go to has it’s own special traits. For years I’ve wanted to live somewhere else not because I was running but because life is so short why not? It’s awesome to meet new people, see different things and live life every day but with a whole new perspective. Any fun traits you can share from your city?


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