3 Months Out

Today marks exactly three months until my 30th birthday. I’ve always said “Age is just a number” but lately I was starting to feel like age was marking a milestone and where was I? I wouldn’t say that I was down but my oh my we are rapidly approaching 30 here. I’m not much of a deadline for life person either but you can’t enter your next decade without a least considering where you are now and how far you’ve come. I’ve been reading articles for years “X amount of things to do before you turn 30” now that window is closing in on me and I don’t have that much time to make things happen before the big 3-0 but today I’m sharing the three things I am hoping to accomplish before I am no longer a 20 something. PS – I really like this article from Elite Daily about turning 30.



My sister and I have talked about getting a tattoo together. She’s got enough for the both of us. I don’t have any. But I want to do something to mark this occasion. I know a birthday is a birthday but this feels extra birthday-like to me. I’ve had my eye on this tattoo for awhile. Though I love the location I’m not sure if it’s idea for my line of work. I’ve also thought about on the side of my rib cage but cant figure out how big or small I would want the wording. Eventually, after that I might get a tattoo with my sister. The conversation seems to come up a lot when I’m sitting by the pool having drinks but I think I’m finally ready to commit to the real thing.

Fitness Routine

For years I have bounced in and out of fitness ideas and time of day to workout. I can’t seem to wake up early but I love the idea of waking up and getting my day started by breaking a sweat. Maybe the real issue is having a decent bed time? I don’t mind working out at night but of course when I’m extra tired things can fall by the wayside. I’d love to find the ideal time of day and make it work so that it becomes a mindless thought in my routine. I think I’d like to give a real shot at making it work in the morning. “People who say they can and people who say they can’t are usually both right.” It’s all mental when it comes to waking up.

Get those finances in order


Trust me, all my debt won’t be paid off by 30. I won’t be rich by 30 but the goal? A decent amount in my savings and budget designed well enough to not have to utilize my credit cards for different things. I consider myself a financially savvy person but I want to iron out the kinks so I can see real change in my finances. I’d like to confidently be able to say by 30 that I am paying off my credit cards in this amount of time and here’s my plan. I’ve been doing the weekly savings program but I also want a true emergency savings and goal.

So basically consistently work out, be better about money and get a tattoo! For now that’s what I’m thinking. Are you hitting any big milestones? Any fun and exciting plans or goals to hit before? Feel free to share!


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