Fri-yay #6

Happy Friday! I’m sorry I didn’t get a post out yesterday. I’ve got a lot going on and some big changes to share soon. The day got away from me and with that the opportunity to put out a blog post.

There’s a lot of energy here in Boston for the 4th of July. There are so many fun activities and fireworks to see. Last year we went to their big event called Boston Pops with a bunch of artists performing and an amazing firework show. The only thing was it was packed. I do mean packed like I’ve never seen. At one point I almost had a panic attack thinking we got stuck in a crowd of people with no way out.

This year? We don’t have much on the agenda for this weekend. More of a play it by ear weekend but the pool will absolutely be involved. For now, I’ll share some favorites from his week. I hope whatever you’re doing this weekend you have a fun (and safe) time!

Cotton Candy Grapes


I had seen these all over Instagram lately. I know in the past I had tasted them but had never been the proud owner of my own. There’s a Whole Foods not far from my work and I took the opportunity during lunch one day this week to stop by and get some for myself. Needless to say the bag is already gone and it’s Friday. I think I went on Wednesday to give you an idea of how addicting they are. If you aren’t close to a Whole Foods, I believe in the past I saw that Wegmans had them too. They are the perfect way to satisfy your sweet tooth with a healthier option. It’s such a mystery to me how these grapes taste like cotton candy. Though I do not normally shop at Whole Foods I am not opposed to adding a weekly trip just for more cotton candy grapes!

Barnes and Noble Member Discount


I love going into a bookstore. The way that it smells, how it’s quiet and people are entranced in finding a new book or reading. Barnes and Noble has always brought me joy. I can remember my mom taking us there when we were young and being allowed to pick out a book. I hope if I am a mom one day my kids feel the same excitement about reading. You think after all this passion I should be a Barnes and Noble member myself right? Well, not quite. I have been using my friends parents phone number for YEARS. It’s saved in my phone as BN Savings. I memorize it before going up in line and the name it belongs too in case they ask. It’s perfect because I save money from having to buy a membership and hopefully my friends parents earn points or something when I use it. Even though they have no idea I’m using it. My friend got married last November and I wanted to thank her parents for their unknown generosity but felt best to keep mum. Members save at least 10% guaranteed but occasionally you can save more. I found “The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo” and had to have it. We also bought “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck” after hearing good things. It was $40 before that discount and thanks to my friends parents I left paying only $35!

My ADP Headphones


I have the weirdest ears and it’s rare when headphones fit them correctly. Apple ear phones are a no go. I’ve used Yurbuds but unless the have the piece that goes over my ear they don’t hold that well either. I was given a pair of ADP headphones and they are amazing. They are perfect for my ears. I have no shame in rocking headphones with red ADP logos on them. Ultimately getting a nice pair of Bose or Beats by Dre is on my wish list but for now these are my go to’s. I was so happy to have found them again because I thought they were lost in my move.


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