Pre-holiday Weekend Fun

Good Morning and Happy Monday! Since July 4th is a Tuesday this year, Monday seems to be a work day for those whose company did not close or they did not have the opportunity to take a vacation day. As fate would have it today is my last day at my current job. Another opportunity opened up for me and I will make that transition next week. (More on that to come later in the week). I wanted to pop in today and share my weekend with you. I hope your weekend was just as great!


Friday’s always start early here because of beer cart Friday. I spent some time having a brewski and chatting with my coworkers before leaving for the night. Traffic was great thanks to what I assume a lot of people being out of town for the holiday. I came home and we decided to take it easy. Steve had just come back from the grocery store so we had some ravioli’s and split a couple bottles of wine. We had a lot on the DVR so we caught up on some shows too before calling it a night.



The first day of the new month! Started with a furry shadowy figure in my window. We woke up and had breakfast. Steve made delicious egg and turkey bacon burritos. We did a couple things around the house and then headed out to grab a few things we needed. Now full discloser I am definitely a Target person. However, the Target closest to my house is AWFUL. The layout is a mess, it’s not updated, I just don’t get that same Target experience there. For that reason we decided to give the Walmart almost in the same location a try. That’s saying a lot because I really don’t like going to Walmart but it wasn’t bad. It’s bigger and obviously prices seem cheaper. We needed more sunscreen and a few other things before heading to the pool. We came back and already had the cooler packed up so we took that to the pool and spent the majority of the rest of the day there.


We came back in from the pool and had dinner before heading off to the gym to get in a workout. I focused on chest and triceps and man I am still store.

The workout looked like this:

25 pushups (24 on my knees)

Dumbbell Flys (3 x 12) – I used 10 pound weights

Chest Press (3 x 12) – I started with 30 pounds and moved to 15

Tricep Overhead Extensions (3 x 12) I started with 12.5 pounds I believe and dropped from there

Bench Dips (3 x 12)

20 minutes on the elliptical to follow all that.

We came back and got cleaned up and watched Mystic River and shared some popcorn and soda before calling it a night.


Shame on me but I did a terrible job of taking pictures on Sunday. We woke up, had a delicious breakfast and got ready and went and laid out by the pool for the whole day. It was a GORGEOUS day. 90 and no clouds in the sky. The pool was the busiest I have seen it yet but we did manage to snag our favorite seats.

Afterwards we came in and decided on a whim to order chinese food (crab rangoon, eggrolls, wonton soup, beef and broccoli and lomain). We watched a bunch of Entourages and American Ninja Warrior before calling it a night since Monday is a work day.

We are going to a friends house for the 4th tomorrow and the rest of the week I plan to relax and lay by the pool before I start my new job next week!

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