4th of July Celebrations

Happy belated 4th of July! Hopefully your day was filled with something fun whatever that may have been!

We had a long day planned for Tuesday that started with running around on Monday night. As I mentioned, Monday was my last day of work at that job. I left at 3 p.m. and came home and went to the gym. I decided to do a leg/glute workout that looked like this:

10 minutes on the elliptical to warm up

Bulgarian Split squats (holding 10 pounds) 3x 15 each leg

Reverse lunges (holding 8 pound medicine ball) 3 x 15

Jumping lunges 3 x 15

Deadlifts (with 20 pound weight) 3 x 15

Glute kickback 3 x 20

Fire hydrants (kick leg out like dog peeing on fire hydrant) 3 x 20

Leg lifts 3 x 20

Then we ran many errands for our 4th of July plans. We needed to get food to bring, beach chairs, beach towels, and an umbrella. This took us to:


Bed Bath & Beyond



Gas station (gas was necessary too)

Stop & Shop

We didn’t get something from everywhere but we were trying to find the best beach chairs for what we need. We decided on $9 chairs from Target. We don’t get to the beach often because we have a pool so investing a lot didn’t make sense. The umbrella was $12 from Wal-Mart and the beach towels were less than $6. We have towels now but needed more because the one we use is from the apartment complex.

We came home and made food, prepped our bags to take and I spent some time painting my nails in a fun holiday design.


(That was my best attempt. Everything seems to look better on Pinterest but all in good fun!)


We picked up one of my friends who lives around the corner and headed up the Beverly, MA. This was our first time there but another friend from work just recently moved and was having everyone over.

We packed up and walked to the beach from her house and spent majority of the day there.


Eventually we walked back for lots of delicious food (burgers, hot dogs, steak tips, chicken skewers, macaroni and cheese, corn salad, etc). After we ate a few of us walked to get an ice cream and then back to the beach to watch the fireworks.

Everyone was exhausted after the  fire works and we packed up after getting back and headed home for the night. We walked almost 5 miles during the day going back and forth from the beach so between the fun and food we snuck in a good amount of exercise too.



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